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Accelerate Oracle E-Business Suite Processing

Is your Oracle E-Business Suite wasting valuable time? Does it require too much time and effort to complete? Automation eases these pain points.

How many Oracle E-Business Suite processes does your enterprise rely on? How much time is wasted waiting for these critical processes to complete? 

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Reduce your Oracle processing time today!


Many enterprises rely upon critical Oracle E-Business Suite processes, but these pivotal tasks are often extremely slow and inefficient, which leaves customers and colleagues waiting. We frequently waste time, effort and money just to keep the systems running and meet SLAs.

But by introducing automation to these tasks, you move away from service delivery failures, eliminate the need to manually check business outcomes and reduce the need for firefighting.

Join our Product Marketing Manager and Oracle Automation Specialist, Tony Beeston, as he explains how automation allows your organization to rapidly attain its goals and become an agile enterprise. Tony goes on to detail how you can minimize processing time, lower costs, and eliminate delays.

This webcast explores:

  • How to reduce processing times by up to 70%
  • How to eliminate delays and business errors
  • How to reduce manual processing efforts by up to 90%

"[CA Technologies] enables you to reduce implementation time, accelerates business processes, and provides true enterprise scheduling—within, around, and beyond the Oracle E-Business Suite. Its capabilities address all the limitations of Concurrent Manager and BPEL, enabling you to get more value out of your Oracle investment."

Enhance Automation Within, Around and Beyond Oracle E-Business Suite White Paper

Our Speaker

Tony Beeston

Tony Beeston

Tony Beeston is a Product Marketing Manager at CA|Automic Software, and has over 30 years’ industry experience. For the last 15 of which he has been delivering solutions for running end-to-end business processes across ERP systems to companies worldwide.

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Reduce your Oracle processing time today

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