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Agile Ops Webcast

Agile Ops is the key to enabling Operations the ability to be a more responsive part of DevOps and be the driving force for end-to-end enterprise Continuous Delivery. This webcast will address the need for Operations to be more than a token part of the DevOps mashup.


Are you ready to set out on your journey to Continuous Delivery? Do you have clearly defined business aligned objectives? How well developed is your roadmap? Have you identified hazards that you need avoid? What milestones will you use to determine progress? Have you a vision of what success will look like?


Get the answers to these and many other questions you may have by signing up to our Agile Ops webinar now.

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Topic: Aglie Ops
Level: Introductory
Time: 45 Minutes


Scott Willson

Scott Willson is Product Marketing Director, Release Automation at Automic Software. He has over 20 years of technology experience that spans software development, pre-sales, post sales, and marketing. Scott is passionate about technology and helping business achieve value through technology and was leading DevOps at organizations before it was coined DevOps.


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