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Webcast: Keep control of enterprise processes running across SAP and non-SAP systems

What if you could run your SAP and non-SAP processes without a downtime?

Nils Engelbert, Chief Automation Architect at Automic, discusses 

the seamless automation of your business, application and infrastructure processes.


Watch this webcast and you will learn: 


  • How automation of processes for SAP and non-SAP systems works
  • How to regain control
  • How to reduce costs with an end-to-end automation solution


Management of your critical enterprise processes - such as financial period end close, invoicing, payroll, and production - has become a pressing challenge. Too many staff are tied up managing the process, finding and diagnosing process errors, and SLAs are frequently missed. Primary causes are limited visibility and poor coordination across SAP and non-SAP systems within the heterogeneous IT.


Regain control, dramatically shorten processing times, and reduce costs with an end-to-end automation solution, and make all those last-minute scrambles to meet deadlines a thing of the past.


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Topic:  Automic Continuous Operations: Workload Automation for SAP
Level: Introductory
Time: 60 minutes


Nils Engelbert


Nils Engelbert, Chief Automation Architect at AUTOMIC, has over 10 years’ industry experience. His CV spans from an advanced technical background through consulting services, support and Pre-Sales. Nils continues to learn from customers, and in turn uses his exhaustive knowledge of AUTOMIC’S unified platform to integrate islands of automation.


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