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Automated ERP Performance

The pace of change today means automating your ERP is now essential rather than a luxury

In the age of digital transformation, is your business able to reach its potential? Or is change slowing you down? ERP systems are the backbone of many businesses but they are under increasing strain as companies deal with the advent of the Internet of Things and the third wave of computing

eBook: Automated ERP Performance

Ensure Your ERP Systems Are Ready for the Digital Age


Disruption is the New Stable

This eBook considers the effects of accelerating change and the explosive impact on the volumes of applications that require data from the ERP systems. It is often too expensive and high-risk to rip and replace these systems, yet it is vital to have ERPs that can adapt to changing business models and ensure the business capitalizes on new opportunities. This makes it possible to facilitate growth, agility and maintain compliance.


Key Issues

  • The increasing pressures on ERPs
  • The value of systematic automation for ERP
  • The changing role of your ERP in an interconnected world

Read this eBook to ensure your ERP systems are able to withstand the pressure created by digital transformation.

"Existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications are on the front line. They were built for a different age. The on-premise age. They are unable to cope with the pace of change now demanded."

A Look Inside

eBook: Automated ERP Performance


  1. Introduction
  2. Why change is difficult
  3. How to be proactive in the face of change
  4. How Automic can help
  5. Automic Workload Automation: more than ERP
  6. Automic Release Automation: stepping up from ERP

2700+ businesses automate with Automic, including:

Ensure Your ERP Systems Are Ready for the Digital Age