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Automation: The Imperative for Digital Transformation

In an age of digital disruption, there’s no room for complacency. Automation doesn’t just allow you to cope with digital transformation – it lets you capitalize on it.

The digital revolution has transformed everything. Avoid obsolescence – embrace change.


Read about the importance of automation in the digital transformation


Play the digital disrupters at their own game

From banks to airlines, these days everyone is a technology company. According to IDC, the ‘increased use of automation’ is one of the most important drivers reshaping our IT strategies. This ebook considers the impact digital start-ups are having on legacy enterprises and the benefits automation provides for those undergoing digital transformation.


Who should read this ebook?

Digital transformation is an ongoing process which is constantly evolving. This ebook is suited to both those who are taking their first steps toward digitalization, as well as those well into their journey. Read it to learn more about:

  • Digital disrupters and the challenge they pose to traditional businesses
  • The advent of artificial intelligence
  • How automation systems can enable you achieve agility
  • The benefits of automation

"In this era of rapid change and disruption, digital transformation has never been more important. Innovation speed and agility will determine which businesses succeed and which fail."

Automation: The Imperative for Digital Transformation’ (Automic eBook)

A Look Inside

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  1. Digital Transformation – Are You Listening?
  2. Coping With and Capitalizing on Digital Transformation
  3. Automation Unlocks the Door to Agility and Digital Transformation
  4. Defining Automation
  5. Examples of DevOps, IT Operations and Business Process Automation
  6. Benefits of Unified Automation Enabling Digital Transformation
  7. Drawing It All Together

Read about the importance of automation in the digital transformation

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