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Continuous Delivery for Siebel – Bringing Agility to Mode 1 Systems and Apps

Oracle’s Siebel CRM is a business-critical backend system, yet it’s built around a legacy architecture resistant to change.

Do development processes for your Siebel solution take too long? Are they overly cumbersome? How do you go about bringing agility to a system which was built in the 1990s?

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For more than 20 years, Oracle’s Siebel CRM application has been a critical component within our backend systems. But the fact remains, the tooling and development processes were designed and built in the 1990s, and its existing development and integration processes just don’t meet today’s requirements.

The legacy architecture is contributing to lengthy and cumbersome development cycles, which prevent the system from achieving the agility required of modern business applications. That’s where Automic’s Continuous Delivery for Siebel comes in.

Our solution enables agile deployments and releases alongside a flawless continuous integration model within Siebel itself. It allows for more frequent testing and faster, safer releases that bring your core CRM product into the agile age.


This Webcast Explores:

  • How Automic’s Continuous Delivery for Siebel brings agility to legacy systems
  • How CA | Automic synchronizes and integrates both Mode 1 and 2 systems
  • How to deliver enterprise-scale software, on-demand

"Automic has helped us grow and become agile for our customers, both internally and externally. It’s also helped us grow into areas that, quite frankly, other companies and other organizations haven’t been able to move into."

Tom Flitter, Director of Applications and Integration at TASC

Our Speaker

Scott Willson

Scott Willson is Product Marketing Director, Release Automation at Automic Software. He has over 20 years of technology experience that spans software development, pre-sales, post sales, and marketing. Scott is passionate about technology and helping businesses achieve value through technology, and was leading DevOps at organizations before it was coined DevOps.

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