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Containers everywhere!


Listen to Jürgen Güntner, Presales Engineer, as he reveals how to leverage container technology in enterprise environments.


Containerization – especially Docker – is very trendy nowadays. Their growth started in the digital natives area but nowadays nearly everyone in the IT is at least talking about it.
Join Automic Software and learn about containers, Docker and their place in DevOps, as well as their role in building out a Continuous Delivery pipeline.


This webcast will inform you about:

  • Basic principles of container technology
  • Docker buzzwords
  • Continuous Delivery based on Docker
  • Self-services for dev or test environments


Watch The Free Webcast!

Topic: Docker Provisioning
Level: Introductory
Time: 60 Minutes


Jürgen Güntner


Jürgen Güntner is Automic’s Presales Engineer and has got many years’ experience in Software development, integration of new technologies in existing Software landscapes. His skills are analyzing and optimizing customers IT- Processes. Furthermore he helps customers to establish the DevOps Philosophy.