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Fulfilling the Promise of DevOps


Watch this webcast as we review technological trends to see if we can gain insight into where application delivery will be in the next ten years.


Are you ready to set out on your journey to Continuous Delivery? Do you have clearly defined business aligned objectives? How well developed is your roadmap? Have you identified hazards that you need avoid? What milestones will you use to determine progress? Have you a vision of what success will look like?


Get the answers to these and many other questions you may have by signing up to our Fulfilling the Promise of DevOps webcast

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Topic: Fulfilling the Promise of DevOps
Level: Introductory
Time: 45 Minutes


Lucas Carlson

Lucas Carlson is an entrepreneur and professional programmer who specializes in modern application development. He has authored over a dozen Ruby libraries and contributed to various others including Rails and RedCloth. He founded, ran and judged the popular Ruby on Rails contest called Rails Day and presented talks in many major programming conferences. He lives in Portland, Oregon.


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