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The Future of IT Workload Automation

Break down the barriers to Cloud

How is accelerating technology affecting your company? Is your workload automation solution a constraint or an enabler? Has its evolution met the demands of your business? 


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Stay Ahead of the Cloud


The Internet of Things is revolutionizing the way companies operate, but this means business leaders are demanding more from their IT organizations to combat this challenge. If they don’t get what they want, they will look for alternatives. "Shadow IT" is growing.


Pave the Way For the Future 

As the cloud promises to unlock new opportunities, the once illustrious on-premise brick and mortar data centers are now holding businesses back. Not wanting to fall behind young, agile cloud-based startups, large organizations need a paradigm shift connecting these traditional on-premise models with the cost effective cloud models. So no longer are inconsistent, ad hoc and needlessly complex automation solutions a viable option.

This eBook addresses key areas both in how workload automation has evolved and how its future adaptions can be used to benefit your business.


Read This eBook to Learn About:

      • The myriad automation tools that now support the business
      • The difference between opportunistic and systematic automation
      • Why consolidated automation is critical to success in the Internet of Things

As IT moves to the cloud, ensure that your business and your automation solution are able to adapt.

"By pairing Amazon Web Services with Automic, we are able to save 1.5 million dollars annually."

Carlos Agudelo Chief of Infrastructure and Operations at Publicar

A Look Inside

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  1. Introduction
  2. The evolution of IT automation
  3. The next generation of automation
  4. How Automic Helps
  5. Automic Workload Automation
  6. Automic Release Automation

Stay Ahead of the Cloud

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