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Intelligent Workload Automation for the Modern Digital Enterprise

In order to compete, agility is essential for modern businesses

Are you faced with multiple islands of automation? Are the bridges between these silos fragile? Do you have limited business process visibility? Manual staffing handoffs? There’s a better way.

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Today’s hyper-competitive world requires IT Operations to create differentiation for their company in the market – but existing Ops tools can be a barrier to that desired change. Intelligent automation is the answer to overcoming these hurdles.

Existing Ops solutions typically result in a set of ‘islands of automation’ that allow separate technologies or applications to be controlled individually. Modern business processing spans applications and technologies, both in-house and in the cloud, but these silos enforce the execution of tasks to be managed separately.

Essential interconnections are bridged between these applications – through data loads, file drops and time-fence schedules – but they are fragile. When everything works as expected, the result is OK – but far too often the bridges break and firefighting comes to the fore.

Many of the issues we find ourselves faced with today are caused by these silos of automation:

  • Limited/no visibility of business processing states
  • Increased need to firefight, as bridges between silos are fragile
  • Multiple tools, scripts and staffing handoffs are necessary, increasing Ops costs and errors

Introducing intelligent automation to your workloads is a key step in facilitating the fully-automated enterprise. It allows IT Ops to control everything in their estate, from one place. By creating reliable connections, Ops support our business processing and deliver superior results at a fraction of the cost. The CA Automic Workload Automation solution offers out-of-the-box compatibility with all major tools, platforms and languages. By introducing true agility to your workload schedulers, you can become proactive rather than reactive, resolving issues before they impact upon the business.


This Webinar Explores:

  • The challenges currently facing Operations teams
  • Intelligent Workload Automation solution
  • Q&A

"Every time you add a new piece of technology, your production becomes more complex. You have to manage more dependencies, of both on-premise and cloud technologies Without some form of intelligent orchestration you’re going to impact delivery. You’re going to slow the business’ ability to adopt and there’ll be a higher degree of manual activities and that will result in a higher failure rate."

Tony Beeston, Product Marketing Manager, CA | Automic

Our Speaker

Tony Beeston

Tony Beeston


Tony Beeston is Product Marketing Manager at Automic Software, and has over 30 years’ industry experience. For the last 15 of these he has been delivering solutions for running end-to-end business processes across ERP systems to companies worldwide.


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