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Introducing the most advanced Automation for Business Agility

How to support your company’s digital transformation by making IT Operations fully agile

Are you confronted with a “rip-and-replace” mentality in which new vendors implore you to replace your business applications with their shiny new platforms in order to gain the agility needed for digital transformation?


What is hot today with startups doesn’t always work well for enterprise IT. So why should you throw out millions of dollars of investment in time and resources?


Introducing Automic V12 - the world’s most complete automation platform, designed specifically to add agility to your core enterprise IT systems. We will show you how to:


  • Remove your costly maintenance windows.
  • Make your core business applications agile.
  • Develop, upgrade and deploy all your business applications at the speed of business.
  • Empower intelligent insights across all your automation processes.
  • Share and re-use automation artifacts across automation centers of excellence.


Watch this groundbreaking webcast and learn how to make IT Operations truly agile!


Watch The Free Webcast!

Topic: Automic Product Launch
Level: Introductory
Time: 60 Minutes


Dr. Chris Boorman


Dr. Chris Boorman is Chief Marketing Officer at Automic. His doctorate in Physics and Engineering drives his strategic thinking by always looking to understand the stories data can reveal. Chris is passionate about the impact automation and technology can have on business.


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Gwyn Clay


Gwyn Clay is Automic´s Vice President of Product Management. An execution-focused expert in IT Automation solutions, Gwyn possesses a blend of analytical thinking, business knowledge, technical knowledge, and project leadership skills.


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