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Bringing Automation to PeopleSoft

How to reduce man-hours by automating workload in PeopleSoft

We live within the constraints of the applications we purchase. So how do we adapt our way of working to make these applications work for the business?

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With PeopleSoft, the constraints of the application can come at a high price. Large volumes of enforced manual activity and latencies in business processing will result in delays and inefficiencies across any organization.

Most believe this is the status-quo and the way it needs to be. But automation offers another route.

Watch our webinar with Tony Beeston to learn what PeopleSoft customers have achieved through automation. Tony explores how the elimination of manual activity is delivering results to the business faster and more consistently - a new paradigm for living in a PeopleSoft world.

"We can now do a deployment of our software starting at 3 o’clock in the afternoon and nobody knows and that’s a huge step. And the Automic solution is easy to implement, it’s easy to use, it’s easy to train on and it’s easy to grow."

Tom Flitter, Director of Applications and Integration at TASC

Who Is Talking?


Tony Beeston

Tony Beeston is Product Marketing Manager at Automic Software, and has over 30 years’ industry experience. For the last 15 of these he has been delivering solutions for running end-to-end business processes across ERP systems to companies worldwide.


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