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Automating Business Processes On SAP and Non-SAP Systems

Recurring delays and errors mean unhappy customers

So you’ve made a major investment in SAP software to run your critical enterprise processes, but are you getting the maximum ROI?

Automating Business Processes On SAP and Non-SAP Systems



Gain Full Control of Your SAP Processes and Beyond


The Role of SAP in Your IT Ecosystem

For most organizations, processes extend beyond SAP and rely on interaction and integrations with many other custom and packaged applications. Managing this complex matrix of technology is crucial for your company’s agility around SAP, so it’s crucial you have control and visibility of it. Management of these processes has become a pressing challenge that too many staff are tied up in. SLAs are frequently missed, and customers receive poor service due to the recurring errors and delays which are now impacting your critical processes.


Why Should You Read this eBook?

Perhaps you’re reading this because you’ve heard these processes can easily be automated. Maybe you already have a workload automation solution that isn’t specialized for SAP and all its nuances? You’re in the right place.

The Automic solution is fully certified by SAP, meaning you benefit from:

  • Shorter Implementation time
  • Lower integration costs
  • Supportability
  • Added functionality

Read this guide now to gain full control of your SAP processes and beyond.

"To maximize your investment in SAP software you need to automate your SAP and non-SAP systems end to end. In doing so, you will regain control, dramatically shorten processing times, reduce costs and make all of those last minute scrambles to meet deadlines a thing of the past."

A Look Inside

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    1. Visibility and control of enterprise processes end-to-end
    2. Coordination between SAP and non-SAP systems
    3. Integrated file transfers capability
    4. Parallel data processing
    5. Certification by the SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC)
    6. Conclusion

2700+ businesses automate with Automic, including:

Gain Full Control of Your SAP Processes and Beyond