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Webcast: The Age of Agile Automation - Don’t Get Left Behind

Application Release Automation has transformed the speed at which DevOps teams increase business agility


Are you under pressure to contribute to your company’s digital transformation? While matching consumer trends is the priority today, most IT departments struggle for true agility when struggling with the diverse combination of skills, tools and technology that application release entails today.


In this webinar, Automic DevOps evangelist Ron Gidron introduces you to Automic Release Automation, a market-leading platform that automates all components of the release cycle and its complex dependencies, and takes you through the ground-breaking features of the new v12. Gartner predict that “by 2020, 50% of companies will have implemented at least one application release automation solution, up from less than 10% today.”


Crucial topics that can transform your release velocity include:


  • Automating Container adoption, monitoring and management
  • Cloud adoption strategy
  • Making core back-end apps agile
  • Removing maintenance windows
  • Driving intelligent automation across you islands of automation


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Topic: Automic Release Automation
Level: Introductory
Time: 60 Minutes


Ron Gidron


Ron Gidron is Product Marketing Director of Release Automation at Automic Software. He has spent the last 14 years in product marketing, product management and pre-sales positions in both startups and large enterprises. Ron's passion lies in the intersection of software, users and market trends.


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