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Continuous Delivery for SAP

Speed and agility are now so integral to any business, why would you let crucial SAP systems sit outside your continuous delivery pipeline?

Continuous Delivery for SAP

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Enable Continuous Delivery for SAP


Are your SAP systems getting cut adrift from their more modern counterparts? Against a backdrop of digital transformation, if old systems are getting left behind it will increasingly burden you. Ralf Paschen, Automic Senior Director of Product Marketing, discusses how to integrate SAP into a continuous delivery pipeline.


The Webcast explores how to:

  • Reduce costs for provisioning test data and SAP environments
  • Accelerate testing cycles with self-service provisioning and test-case execution
  • Ensure quality and consistent testing by using fresh data on test cases
  • Increase compliance by anonymizing sensitive data in non-production environments
  • Free skilled staff from repetitive and mundane tasks

"Where does this hugely significant tool [SAP] fit in and how do we obtain visibility and control of it in an enterprise environment, while linking it to all those other tools you’re thinking of? Is Continuous Delivery of SAP possible, and if so why are we not talking about it?"

Nils Engelbert, Chief Automation Architect at Automic

Our Speaker

Ralf Paschen

Ralf Paschen

Ralf Paschen is Automic’s Senior Director of Worldwide Product and Solutions Marketing. Based in the Frankfurt office, Ralf’s main strengths lie in building solutions to customers' problems and developing tools to showcase how these problems can be solved.

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Enable Continuous Delivery for SAP

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