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In light of the ubiquity of Cloud and Big Data, EMA explores the benefits of workload automation.


The Business Process Integration Hub in the Age of Cloud and Big DataThe end goal of enterprise IT is to deliver services to the business in a well-performing, secure, compliant and reliable way.


As these services depend on data and applications located on a variety of operating systems and public cloud services, reliability and speed of data exchange become crucial to efficient fulfillment of business demands.


Workload automation is the invisible hand that connects operating systems, applications and data sources to ensure this success. With today’s data center more service-centric and application-driven than ever, a new approach to workload automation is needed.

This white paper outlines:

    • Why the old approach to workload automation is insufficient.
    • What the new requirements of workload automation are.
    • What kind of a solution fits the bill for these new requirements.

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